With the donations received by Stichting United We Stand in the special account for “First Responder Training UA” we were able to finance a 2-week long training mission comprising of 4 two-day courses and 1 one-day course.

During this time we were able to train 125 persons.

➡ 90 p. from National Police of Ukraine, KORD and ЛЮТЬ Brigade. See more on the official page of the NPU for the press release, and on Youtube

➡ 20 p. from State Emergency Service of Ukraine (ДСНС) in Lviv region.

➡ 15 youth from Lviv region and people from Сhаritable Foundation «MHP — Gromadi»

We also delivered a significant amount of tactical medical supplies, in cooperation with Protect Ukraine:

➡ 30 black C-A-T tourniquets and 30 6″ combat bandages

➡ 25 complete Bleeding Control Kit – Deluxe from Special Medics & Tactics containing: 1 C-A-T tourniquet, 1 Combat Gauze hemostatic gauze, trauma dressing, 2 FoxSeal, compressed gauze, gloves, trauma shears, rescue blanket and marker.

Our dream team did an excellent job by providing first-hand experiences and tips from the frontline from “Ice Queen”, the best trained foreign medic in Ukraine right now. Carlo was my co-driver again, and turned out to be an expert make-up artist for the fake wounds, with help at a distance from Miriam and Ingrid. Tamara was there, as always: Trauma actor, translator, talisman, and connoisseur of Ukrainian history and culture.

Julia and Chris were there representing Renegade Relief Foundation and were a huge help playing trauma victims for the students.

I can’t say things ran smoothly, especially because not all Ukrainians seem to value our teaching methodologies. The simulation scenarios are to be used judiciously. The context and goals must be stated clearly, especially because the course is medical, not tactical; and the debrief afterwards should be constructive and non-judgmental. A safe learning environment, both physically and mentally, is paramount. This is what we always strive for during our courses. Despite these challenges our team worked together closely, and provided a very solid and useful training to our students.

While I do understand that before a lot of “cowboys” were coming to Ukraine to make a profit on training courses, the people that are left and are still coming to Ukraine after more than 2 years deserve some respect and attention IMHO, instead of denying them the opportunity to show what they are all about. We are all about helping ukraine defend it’s freedom and that of Europe. And to provide the most relevant teaching based on feedback from Ukrainians themselves.
Furthermore, we provide our courses for free, we run entirely on donations and never make any profit from it.
🙏 💸 Please help us with your donation to be able to go back to Ukraine and keep teaching these life-saving skills: